Help us 'elevate the fund!'

We are raising funds to install an elevator at FBC. The campaign launched in April 2021. Our initial goal for breaking ground is $248,000 based on current costs. When we reach this financial goal, we will re-evaluate the cost of installing the elevator (cost may increase/decrease over time). Will you help us get the elevator to the top? With us at almost $124,000, we are currently 49% funded!  Last updated February 9, 2022.



Have questions? Check out the FAQs section below!


Have questions about the elevator? The answer is probably here. If not, give us a call at 409-385-2819 x725.

  • Can you imagine the tremendous ministry opportunities awaiting us as we open the full second floor to every person regardless of age or physical ability using the ministry tool?  Full access by all individuals to all of our facilities is our goal.

  • The latest bid is $248,000.  This is an all-inclusive bid for a completed bricked structure. 

  • Ongoing licensing and maintenance costs can run from $300-500 per month which keeps the elevator in great shape and ready to use every day.

  • Yes. Our church will raise the necessary funds before any work begins. Ongoing licensing and maintenance will be budgeted.

  • Quick response is...if you need can use it!  Anyone who needs to get to and from our second floor would be able to access use of this ministry tool.

  • The projected size of the elevator is to handle 8-12 average persons.

  • When viewing all of our facilities with the elevator company and discussing all best options, the most accessible location was decided to be within the playground at the inside corner where the Barclay (Academy) wing and Main wing join.  Please check the sketches and videos provided for a better understanding of the location.  At this location, there is no structural invasive work that would need to be completed into our current facilities.  The elevator would be enclosed in a 2-story brick structure attached to the existing brick walls.  It would contain a first and second floor small foyer to enter the elevator.  Entrances to the first floor would be through the existing glass doors going into the playground area.  The entrances from the second floor elevator foyer would be through each of the "window converted to doorway" areas into each wing (academy and main wing).  

  • Click here. Under "Giving Type" select "Elevator".