Giving through FBC Silsbee

We are pleased to have this quick and easy way for you to give online as well as using your mobile device. With Pushpay, you have the ability to give without creating an account - or you may choose to create an account which will give you ability to keep up with your online giving.

Whether you give online or on your mobile device (our APP - FBCSilsbee - is available), you will have just one account with one password. Pushpay allows you to store multiple payment methods, create recurring giving, and give simply and easily with a simple PIN number, or fingerprint (iPhone only.)

Click the "Give using PushPay" button and follow the prompt with Pushpay.  Text 'fbcsilsbee' to 77977 using your mobile device. You may also download our APP for your iPhone or Android device and use the "Give" button.  Check your App store and look for FBC Silsbee or First Baptist Church Silsbee.

methods of online giving

You may give using a Discover, Master Card, or Visa credit card or an echeck (ACH) through our online giving tool. There are no minimum amounts for online giving and there are no fees for you (First Baptist Church of Silsbee absorbs all fees related to online giving). Simply select Give, follow the instructions, and your gift will be sent to FBC through our secure provider. You will also receive an email acknowledging your donation, which is tax deductible. You may give one time or set to give on a recurring basis.

next-level giving challenge

Next-level is a continual journey to help you grow in the process of honoring the Lord with the "first-fruits" of your labors.

Here's how it works...

  1. if you are giving nothing at  present - begin giving something on a regular basis
  2. are you giving something regularly now - begin giving proportional to your income (1% or 2% more)
  3. giving a percentage now on a regular basis - grow it to the tithe (one-tenth or 10%)
  4. perhaps you are a great tither - it may be time for you to step it up and give sacrificially

Simply put:  give from 0 to something - to proportional - to tithing - to sacrificially - and begin being generous today!