2022-2023 Enrollment Information

Welcome! We are so glad you are interested in enrolling your child at First Academy.

Please view the "Steps to Enrollment" below to enroll your child now. Have questions? Check our FAQ's here.

Exclamation CirclePK 2.5 is FULL

Exclamation CirclePK 3 is FULL.

Exclamation Circle Kindergarten is FULL.

Exclamation Circle2nd Grade is FULL.

Exclamation Circle3rd Grade is FULL.

Exclamation Circle4th Grade is FULL.

If openings become available, they'll be posted here and our Facebook Page.

2022-2023 Calendar

Steps to Enrollment

Step 1

Complete the Enrollment Packet


Click the "Enrollment Packet" button.

Print Enrollment Packet.

Submit these items to Academy Office:

Square Completed Enrollment Packet 

Square  Enrollment Fee Payment

Square Immunization Records

Square  Signed Physician's Statement

In-Person (Preferred Method):

First Academy Office




First Academy

ATTN: Enrollment

350 HWY 96 S

Silsbee, TX 77656


Enrollment Fee Payment


Click the "Enrollment Fee Payment" button.

Enrollment Fee = Registration + Supply/Curriculum

1. In the "Amount" section, put the appropriate Enrollment Fee payment amount.

>PreK 2.5 - PreK 4:  $286.00

($275 plus 4%)*

>Kindergarten - 7th grade:  $494.00

($475 plus 4%)*

2. In the "Fund" section, select "FBC Academy".

3. Follow remaining prompts to complete payment.

*4% convenience fee for online payments. Cash/Check payments do not carry the charge. Cash/Check payments can be made in the Academy Office.


Enrollment confirmation

Once we have received your:

SquareCompleted Enrollment Packet 

Square  Enrollment Fee Payment

SquareImmunization Records

Square  Signed Physician's Statement

we will review your information.

You will be notified of your enrollment status generally within a week's time.

Have questions?

409.385.2819 ext.715