P l a c e

PLACE is an intentional process to connect you into purpose-driven ministry.

Through the PLACE process, you can discover that God has created and gifted you with a unique capacity to serve others.

Watch these 2 brief videos for a little more explanation on PLACE.



Participants of PLACE discover that God created them with unique personality, spiritual gifts, abilities, passions and experiences.

Discovering God's purpose and plan for their lives helps people find their PLACE of service within the body of Christ.

People are bombarded with multiple choices as to how to give their time.  They find themselves asking, "Where do I fit in?", "Why am I here?", and "What can I do to make a lasting difference in my life and the lives of others?"  God created each of us for a purpose according to Ephesians 2:10.  The PLACEment process can help you discover how God has uniquely designed you and it can help you realize His purpose for your life.

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