What to expect

At First Baptist, we work hard to provide a friendly and comfortable place for you to learn about Jesus and ways you can intentionally impact your world through your relationship with Him. Members and guests of all ages and backgrounds may be dressed in many different ways - from very casual to “Sunday best" - it's ok. We desire the focus of our worship to be upon Jesus.

We work at this through the selection of scripture, music, and prayer for use during our services.

Small groups (Sunday school and others) meet on Sunday mornings at 9:00am and at various other advertised days and times. Small groups are the place where the life of the church happens, community is built, and we hope that you’ll join in and be a part. These groups are designed for all ages. The experiences obviously vary from age group to age group. We encourage you to check out our Bible study classes and our connections for:  Adults, Student Ministry, Pre-teens grade 6, Kid's grades 1-5, or Preschoolers for a more complete look.

What we believe

We align ourselves with the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. It summarizes key thoughts in the areas of the Scriptures (Bible) and their authority; the nature of God as expressed by the Trinity; the spiritual condition of man; God's plan of grace and salvation; the purpose of the local church; ordinances; evangelism; Christian education; interaction with society; religious liberty; and the family. For more specific explanation and Scripture references, please follow this logo link to the left...The Baptist Faith and Message


We offer a Starting Point get-together for all who are interested in learning more about membership with First Baptist Church of Silsbee. These are done one-on-one, in a small group, or as a family.  The goal of membership is to affirm you for connecting and committing to the church community as well as encourage you to participate in that community through small groups, corporate worship, giving, and serving.  We will set an appointment with you and your family for a Starting Point get-together.  At Starting Point, you will meet the staff, get information about what we believe and what is involved in becoming a member and fulfilling your membership responsibilities. At the conclusion of the this time together, you would certainly be able to indicate your desire to become part of the First Baptist Church of Silsbee community.

The ways you can join our church family are:

  1. Believing in Jesus Christ as your Lord/Savior and following Him in believer’s baptism by immersion;
  2. Moving your membership from another Baptist church of like doctrinal stance;
  3. Moving your membership from another evangelical church that practices believer’s baptism by immersion;
  4. By statement of trusting Christ and baptism by immersion under the authority of a church of like doctrinal faith when no church letter is obtainable;
  5. By restoration.  Any person who has been dismissed may be restored to membership upon application to and approval by this Church after investigation and recommendation by the Pastor and active Deacons

If you have any questions or if you would like more information on joining our church family, contact us at (409) 385-2819 or email.

What's available for my child?

Our First Friends ministry, for birth – sixth grade, offers Small Group classes at 9:00 am. For preschoolers, the classes are based on developmental milestones as well as age. For children, the classes are assigned by grade level. Extended Teaching Care (ETC) is offered for young preschoolers, birth – kindergarten age group, during our morning worship service.

If you have a question about our First Friends Ministry, contact our First Friends coordinator.

Check out our Preschooler's Schedule

Check out our Kid's Schedule

what's available for my Student

Sunday morning Bible study - 9am.

Sunday morning Worship service - 10:15am

Sunday evening Bible study - 6pm

Wednesday nights - 5:45pm

More information is available on our Facebook page.