Senior Adult Ministry

It is our belief that being servants in the church and community is imperative as followers of Jesus Christ.  The Senior's ministry strives to connect through serving, sharing of our talents/experiences, and using our leadership capabilities for impacting our community so the message of Jesus Christ might be heard. 

We love Jesus, we love our church, we love people, and we love to serve! We are determined to honor God our Father as servants within Silsbee and provide a circle of friends and fellowship that will worship and serve Him. It is our goal to provide quality, caring, service in all areas of senior adult's spiritual, physical, and social development.

We value the uniqueness of each person God brings to serve with their individual talents and giftedness within this ministry. Though this is a Senior's Ministry, we have been blessed with the many talents of the younger generation and we are thankful that God is using them with the desire to serve. All seniors are welcome to find their place in our ministry. Our goal is to share the love of Jesus Christ in our community and build activities that meet both spiritual, physical, and social needs.  We also want to be involved in teaching God's Truths to the younger generations as Scripture so commands.