Our Preschool mINISTRIES

We partner with you, the parent, in teaching your preschooler about God's Word and the importance of knowing Jesus Christ.  Our ministry is for 0 through Kindergarten aged children on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.  Scroll through to learn about these opportunities.

If you have any questions concerning our preschool ministries, please contact our Preschool ministry coordinator.

Sunday morning Bible study

Ages:  0 through Kindergarten

9:00am in our Preschool wing

Currently, we are studying the Bible, using The Gospel Project curriculum. All of the studies are on the preschooler's level. We watch a video of the story, do our activity, review the story and then have snack time.

Sunday mornings during worship service

Extended Teaching Care

We offer ETC during our Sunday morning worship service---ETC—(Extended Teaching Care) and it's for preschoolers which are 0 through Kindergarten age.  You may leave your child with us for Bible study through the end of worship service or you may desire that your child attend worship service with you following bible study with their age group - we applaud your parenting desires.  We offer ETC to give you, the parent, opportunity to prayerfully focus on the message shared during our worship service.

ETC—Extended Teaching Care calls for many volunteers who would commit one Sunday morning on a monthly or quarterly basis so our families may continue to enjoy the message being shared during our worship service.  If you would consider making such a commitment, please contact our Preschool ministry coordinator or 409-385-2819 and she will provide you the necessary information on serving and to go over any details or questions you may have need of asking.

Sunday evening during worship service

We offer again our ETC (Extended Teaching Care) so that you, as a parent, may focus on the message from God's Word during our worship service.

Wednesday evenings

Mission story, Choir, Crafts, Snacks, Games

Mission Friends: We meet during the school year from 6:00pm-7:30pm. Our summer schedule is 6:30pm-7:30pm.  Your preschooler will get to experience music, mission story, snack, craft, and games. Our preschool choir will participate in presenting songs to our church family at various times during the year.

We want your child to have fun learning music, doing crafts, learning missions, enjoying a good snack, and getting to play through friendships they develop while at First Baptist Church of Silsbee.