Giving to Missions

Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus commands us to "go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you." This requires our time, our skills, and financial resources. Generosity in the giving of both time, talents, skills, giftedness, and financial resources will be required for our church family to be most effective in following this command.

With so many demands from our everyday lifestyles, it's sometimes challenging to let go of some time, share my skills and talents, invest more of my financial resources kingdom-invested.  Yet, as a believer, I am to faithfully and consistently do these very things to reach out in sharing the gospel message with people I see and meet locally as well as globally. Our church invests in ministry partnerships and opportunities where church family members are able to engage in missions in sharing their time...skills, experiences, talents, and financial resources to share the gospel message and to meet needs locally, within our state, in North America and Internationally.

Prayer is essential on every effort - "pre" - "during" - and "post" - any project or mission effort.

A large part of engaging is sending people and resources into a mission project area. This does require some financial resources. If you feel you are unable to physically go into a particular mission field area - be a prayer warrior on behalf of those who do serve - want to help send financially - what a blessing to be able to give to the "SendMe" fund so that others are able to be our feet, hands and voice!

Personal engagement in missions

2020 - we are "On Mission in Silsbee and more"

Our plans are to serve locally as a church family in expressing love to people, physically assist some of their needs as we are able, connect with the school system, and connect with our city.  Watch and listen for more info as it's shared through our publications and from the pulpit.  Any of our staff would be pleased to sit down with you and respond to any questions.

Our church remains connected with the following in prayer and other methods of support...

Jason and Karla Johnson

Missionaries in Saskatchewan, Canada

Get added to their newsletter mailing by linking here.


Johnny and Sha Robinson

check their website or Facebook

Steve and Carol Thompson

Missionaries in Ecuador

Contact them.

Miami Baptist Association - Kokomo, Indiana area

Market Road Fellowship in particular - located in Tipton, Indiana where we will be headed during the month of April to assist with some small remodeling work.  Pray over the trip, the persons God is asking to go, the church family as we send this team, and the preparation of hearts to share and receive the gospel message.

Learn more about them on their Facebook page and their website.

Iglesia Bautista Fuente de Vida

Joseph and Olga Garcia

Connect with pastor Joseph on his Facebook page.

Other places available for your involvement to connect with people and share the gospel of Jesus Christ as God leads you...

Small group leader; Worship Team; Women on Mission; Boys & Girls Club of Hardin County; TOPS; Table Tennis; Quilting; Silsbee Women's Civic Club; Women's Worship & Walking group; Texercise; Christian Care Center; Men's Wednesday breakfast; FBC Academy; Kid's ministry; Vacation Bible School; Extended Teaching Care on Sundays; 
KGHY 88.5 FM radio gospel outreach; Preschool ministry; Buckner Children's Village in Beaumont; East Texas Baptist Encampment projects in Newton; visiting/outreach; First Impressions team; and others.

Whatever God has opened to you, wherever He has you working, whomever He is bringing across your life path, be ready and open to the opportunity of sharing about your faith in Jesus Christ.

Please contact our office (409-385-2819 ext. 710) or the appropriate ministry leader to connect with these and other opportunities.

missions giving and involvement

Follow the title links available for more information or contact our church office by email or calling 409-385-2819.


One of our ministry opportunities for assisting church member families and other needs as they are made known and the funds are available.

Blessings Basket

Each November, our church asks for special offerings of time and financial resources, to share in these three ways:  first - with the Christian Care Center (sometimes referred to as CCC); second - through funding our benevolence monetary account for ministering to challenging circumstances discovered among our church family members and others; and third - "giving some love and time" to those within our church family and beyond who are shut-in, homebound for a season, or are facing special circumstances.

Christian Care Center

The community organization where assistance is given to those meeting the necessary qualifications of need.  Please check out their Facebook page.

Iglesia Bautista Fuente de Vida

One of our local church plants needing our continued support - through prayer, physical service, and financial resources.  Fountain of Life Baptist Church is the Hispanic work within our community.

World Hunger

October is world hunger emphasis month and our church accepts special offerings where 100% of your gifts go toward alleviating this tragic human state and sharing the gospel as food is shared.

Hope Women's Resource Clinic

An organization offering unconditional love and hope to pregnant women and their families.  We participate in their annual Baby Bottle campaign.  Check out their Facebook page.

Hardin County Boys and Girls Club

We participate on a weekly basis with this great effort of teaching kids, doing recreational activities, helping with special events, and supporting financially.

Vacation Bible School

One of our greatest one-week opportunities of connecting so many kids and families to Jesus Christ.  Many places before, during, and following this week for you to be involved.

On Mission entities and partnerships

Cooperative Program

Southern Baptists participate in missions giving through a cooperative effort where we are able to place and keep missionaries on the ministry field with the resources necessary for sharing the gospel. The CP (Cooperative Program) provides the infrastructure required to continue developing ways to engage the unreached people groups around our world.

East Texas Baptist Encampment

Our local camp located just outside Newton, Texas. It is available year-round for use and serving.

International Mission Board

The IMB is the organization through which we support our full-time international missionaries. The "Lottie Moon Christmas Offering" and week of prayer during the month of December supports this gospel sharing effort.

North American Mission Board

NAMB is how we refer to it - the organization through which we support our full-time missionaries in the United States and Canada as well as supply the infrastructure for church planting in these areas. The "Annie Armstrong Easter offering" and week of prayer during the month of March/April supports this gospel sharing effort.

Sabine Neches Baptist Area

Our area-wide organization to assist "like-faith" churches in ministry and gospel sharing efforts. Composed of three associations of churches (100+strong) - Emmanuel, New Bethel, and Sabine Valley - we are a part of Emmanuel association.  We encourage an annual association mission offering during the month of May titled "J.P. Owens offering".

State Missions

First Baptist Church of Silsbee is aligned with the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention (SBTC). The "Reach Texas mission offering" and week of prayer during the month of September support this gospel sharing effort.

The Gospel Hiway

Southern gospel music and ministry - KGHY 88.5fm - serving the Lord's people, helping to strengthen each family in their listening audience, and leading people into a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ through Southern Gospel Music & Ministry 24 hours a day.