Our church family wants to partner with you as a family to support you in teaching God's Word and how to apply it in daily life circumstances.  The Family Milestones listed are celebration opportunities which give you a plan and some goals of spiritual development at various points of life.  There are so many "milestones" of celebration in any individual's life (birth, taking first steps, saying first words, first day at preschool, first tooth - in and out, school, salvation, baptism, first days of school, picture days, first competitions, etc.).  The ones listed below are those with which our church would enjoy celebrating with you. 

Family Milestones

These Family Milestones are celebration opportunities which give you a plan and some goals of spiritual development at various points of life.  Our church would welcome the chance to stand alongside you in these particular celebration moments.  Click on the Family Milestone logos to open the associated document.

  • Family Faith Talk - intro

    You are the spiritual leaders in your home.  Every one of your kids will walk a path in life with many opportunities to turn one direction or another.  They travel down a trail they've never been on before.  As a parent, you have the unique opportunity and God-given responsibility to guide them.  The journey is challenging, but the result is worth the tears, time, and prayers.

    The Family Faith Talk is an intentional time set aside at least once each week for conversation around Scripture - the Word of God...

  • Becoming the Primary Faith Trainer - FM1

    What is most important for you to do as a parent?  Take your child to church?  Love them unconditionally?  Teach them about life?  Teach good hygiene practices?  Dress them appropriately?  Change diapers fairly often?  There is much which needs to be done as a parent.  In the midst of all the necessary items - what is most important - not just for the here and now - but for eternity?

    Introduce them to the God of the Bible and teach them to love the Lord with all their heart, soul, and strength..

  • Starting School - FM2

    It doesn't matter if your child is about to begin their first day in preschool, kindergarten or homeschool.  Tension is generally present, excitement abounds, pictures, purchases of provisions, and lots more.  You'll wonder what your child is doing, what he/she may be thinking, if their day is going well, do they like their teacher, and on, and on, and on...   Please know that as your child begins to face life outside your presence and direct supervision, it is a less-than perfect world which they meet.  This "milestone" is refreshing as it takes you to God's Word on making sure you're trusting Him for your child..

Family Milestones -continued

  • Salvation and Baptism - FM3

    Every Christ-following parent yearns for the day their child believes in Christ as Savior and Lord.  The implications are enormous and eternity in heaven hangs in the balance.  Literally, this is the most important decision we can lead our children toward making.  However, there are some important things we need to learn in order to lead well through this stage...

  • Preparing for Adolescence - FM4

    Welcome to the great change!  Your child is about to enter the journey of adulthood.  There have certainly been rocks on the path he/she has traveled thus far, but the trail is about to get exceedingly more difficult, for each of you.  Your child is about to begin climbing the mountain called adolescence...let's begin here in trying to understand the issues you and your child will face...

  • Commitment to purity - FM5

    Welcome to "Commitment to Purity."  God has said a great deal concerning purity in the life of every believer.  As adolescence flows into everyday life, the issue of purity will be one that can literally alter life's course for teenagers.  A commitment to physical purity is only part of the story.  God created the human heart, soul, mind, and strength to work cohesively to bring Him glory by following His path for life.  "Commitment to Purity" is guiding your student along the path that God has laid for them..

Family Milestones - continued

  • Rite of passage - FM6

    Becoming an adult is a welcome yet daunting task for most teenagers.  The new-found freedom and relaxed structure lead to excitement as students embrace a new world.  What students often don't see is the responsibility associated with their new freedom.  For every good decision to be made, an equally negative one can result in life-altering consequences.  Parents have an amazing responsibility to prepare their son or daughter to embrace growing up from all perspectives.  It is important for parents to prepare their adolescent to see this freedom through God's heart...

  • Preparing my student to leave home - FM7

    The final milestone your child reaches before he/she leaves home and will usher them into Family Milestone 8:  Life in Christ.  Students will begin making major life decisions including college choice, possible career choice, and a myriad of smaller decisions that will amount to their life's direction.  This time is also a transition for parents.  The relationship with your son or daughter must change to a loving mentor and advisor...

  • Life in Christ:  understanding the path - FM8

    This milestone is unique in the fact that it spans the rest of one's life in Christ.  The milestone is both, constantly reached, and completed only, when one steps from this world into eternity with Christ.  Life in Christ is composed of seven core competencies which were taught by Jesus throughout His ministry on earth.  They are seven themes that re-occur numerous times throughout the gospels.  None of these competencies can ever be perfected and each calls for and allows for life-long growth...