online giving faq's

How do I give online?

Just use this "Give using Pushpay" link and follow the simple instructions. If you have any difficulties, please email our office and we will be in contact with you to resolve any issues.  Though we offer online giving with the use of credit card - we encourage you to wisely administer your credit capabilities as part of your life stewardship in serving our Lord Jesus.

Use your mobile device

Text 'fbcsilsbee' to 77977 to give!

Can I Give Online if I Do Not Attend FBC?

Yes, your gift will be used through the ministries of our church family and in accordance with our biblical doctrine.

How Do I Know if my Online Gift was Processed?

After giving online, you will immediately receive a confirmation email to the address which you provided.  As a member of FBC, if you so request, you will receive quarterly statements and one annual contribution statement electronically that will contain all your recorded gifts - otherwise, you may request a print statement at any time of the year.

more FAQ about online giving

Can I Set Up my Online Giving to be Recurring?

Yes. Your gift can be one time only or recurring. For recurring gifts, simply follow the instructions on amount and frequency. You can choose the number of payments or give the date of the last transaction. And of course you can modify your scheduled giving at any time.

What Are the Benefits of Setting Up Recurring Online Giving?

There are many: · It helps simplify your life…no trying to remember if you’ve given this month. · It is biblical…you decide how you are going to give ahead of time (1 Cor. 16:2). · It allows you to give consistently…even when you’re not in church.

Doesn’t Online Giving Diminish Giving as an act of Worship?

The choice is yours. If you are accustomed to placing your gifts in an offering envelope during Sunday school or the offering plate during worship, please continue to do so.  You may wonder if shifting to an online gift will have the same spiritual significance - this is something you must decide for yourself.  We believe it is the heart of the giver, not the method of giving, that makes our financial offerings a true act of worship.

Designated giving

Can I Designate How My Gift is to be Used?

FBC accepts designated giving which supports the ongoing ministry and specialty needs requests adopted by the church family in accordance with our biblical beliefs. First Baptist Church of Silsbee believes our tithe (or 10%) is to be given freely toward the TITHE offering and designations of additional funds are "over and above" this offering gift.  We do encourage generosity and will share many needs throughout the year which call for sacrificial giving on behalf of our church family and those upon whom God places the burden to share financially. 

These needs are always shared with the church through our publications and from the pulpit.